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  Bamboo Leaf Tea

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Bamboo Leaf Tea
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Bamboo: an organic herbal tea with a light, sweet, green flavor reminiscent of laying in the grass in the summer time. This tea has 4% soluble fiber which aids in weight loss and helps to regulate blood sugar. Bamboo has the highest organic concentration of vegetative silica which promotes hair and nail growth and strength, increases flexibility, and strengthens connective tissues. 

  • Available as loose tea in 1 oz canisters

100% Bamboo 

 Bamboo Leaf Tea is organically grown and processed in sunny Florida where the bamboo thrives in our tropical climate. It has a mildly sweet, green flavor that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Bamboo Leaf Tea has many benefits including the highest organic concentration of vegetative silica of any plant. Silica promotes hair and nail growth as well as being a vital part of maintaining adequate bone density. Silica is what allows bamboo to grow so fast and strong and yet remain flexible. Silica essentially does this to your whole body, increasing flexibility and strength in every cell. The tea also has 4% soluble fiber which aids in weight loss, promotes healthy digestion, and helps to regulate blood sugar. Soluble fiber relaxes the digestive system and so eases any tension in that region. Bamboo Leaf Tea also contains antioxidants which benefit your body in reducing your risk of cancer.

Suggestions on how to make the best cup of hot or glass of iced Bamboo Leaf tea:
The biggest parts are the ingredients.  So water, tea, and a mug or bottles.  The water should be alkaline, if possible, or a good high quality water.  All water is not the same.  I like to use alkaline water because it has a wonderful softness to the feel and it super hydrates the body.  Also alkaline water helps you to get the most out of your tea as far as benefits.  I like to use something around 8 ph or higher.  So aim high with your water and your body will thank you.  Next is the tea.  Bamboo Leaf Teas are made with fresh, organic ingredients.  The bamboo is hand picked and processed right here in the USA to ensure the highest quality.  Thirdly is the mug or glass container.  Please don't use plastic especially with hot water.  A nice high quality mug for hot teas is perfect.  

When making larger quantities for ice tea it is best to use stainless steel pots to make the tea in and glass to store the tea in.  To make 6 quarts of ice tea fill a stainless steel pot with water, measure 1/2 cup of loose leaf tea or 8 tea bags and add to the water.  Bring the water to a rolling boil and then turn off the stove.  Cover the pot and let it sit for several hours to cool.  When the water has cooled add sweetener and pour into glass containers.  I like to use 1/3 cup of Agave or honey for 6 quarts of tea.  If you get some nice glass quart size bottles you will have a great to-go drink in the fridge ready to grab as you head out the door.  So start with high quality ingredients and you will notice the difference.  May the strength and flexibility in bamboo be pervasive in all aspects of you life.


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